Daze of Baby Haze

We’re on Week 2 with the new little ones in the house, and it feels like it’s been at least a couple months. It has been three weeks since Olivia and Sophie were born, but with two weeks in the hospital things have been even more abnormal around the house. We’re pretty tired overall but not exhausted. I think we can do this.

The babies eat, poop, and sleep as babies do. I’m off work, or at least am not going into the office through the remainder of this week. Me and Jo are working in shifts — I take the early shift and am on duty until about 2-3am, and Jo is on duty from then til about 7-8am. This allows us each a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I’m convinced is saving both of our asses right now. That, and the fact that the girls are on relatively the same feeding/pooping schedule and so are generally pretty easy to take care of.

Standard day for me:

  • Wake up at 7:30
  • Feed Nathan, get him ready for preschool
  • Take him to school
  • Relieve Jo, feed/change babies
  • Wash bottles, clean, do small chores around the house
  • Feed/change babies
  • Wash bottles
  • Run an errand or get out of the house briefly (I swam today for the first time in two weeks – yay!)
  • Relieve Jo
  • Feed/change babies/wash bottles
  • Get Nathan
  • Dinner/clean
  • Entertain the boy, get him ready for bed
  • Prep night’s bottles
  • On duty til 2am

The wildcard in all of this is our toddler, who has been a champ through this whole ordeal. He’s not sure what to say or do with the babies, so he just gives them lots of kisses on the head. That’s mostly fine, and is better than poking them or pulling their toes, or some other torturous big-brother maneuver. However, he’s a handful and there are two of us and three of them, so we’re beginning to learn the art of juggling. Entertaining him on the weekends is our toughest task so far.

He’s at a swim lesson right now… better get his mac n’ cheese ready. Also, babies are stirring. As if I have time to keep this blog going.

Babies, redux

I flubbed the photos in my previous post. Hey, last week was a blur! My other excuse is that I thought I had taken the photo of who I thought was Olivia, but I didn’t. Jo did. Both photos were of Sophie and I left out Olivia. This won’t be the first time I mix them up, I’m sure.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for catching the mistake (and giving me a well-deserved ribbing over the weekend). So here they are, this time for real. With them together, it’s not as easy to screw up the names/faces.

Sophie’s on the left, Olivia is on the right. They’re both cute, so it’s easy to mess up!


Twin girls! Announcing Sophie and Olivia

Born 8/3/09: Sophie Elizabeth Enders (2:44am) and Olivia Sylvie Enders (7:40am). Both preemie at 33+ weeks but doing just fine in the intermediate care nursery. Mom also doing well – total champ. I’m a proud poppa.





Welcome to the new, improved, Endopolis

I was finding blogging life via Yahoo Small Business and my old Movable Type (v3.2) to be getting a little old. I couldn’t figure out how to upgrade the MT version (didn’t spend a lot of time with it), and as a now ex-Yahoo employee the hosting and domain was getting a little expensive. I wanted to move to WordPress, and so now I’ve done it. Thanks to Dan at dannation.org (and tonic.com) for the hosting/WP reco for Bluehost, which I have to say has been totally simple to use so far. It’s full-featured and a great change. So far, so good.

Now I just need to figure out how to export my old blog and comments over to this one. I may have screwed it up already since I switched my domain and hosting away from Yahoo. I can’t access the blog admin, but I can get to the individual directories and files. I’m sure there’s a script out there that’ll do it for me, though I might need some help from my engineering buddies.

Anyhoo, I type this from the second floor of Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, where we’re awaiting the imminent arrival of our twin girls. Jo has been here since Wednesday. Updates can be found archived on my twitter and facebook accounts.

That’s all for now – I have to go rub her feet. More to come soon in this space. Upgrades/updates could be sporadic depending on feedings, changings, etc.